Afrikaans Essay - Female Domination

Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: July 10, 2012
Through the ages, females have lived by society’s expectations and stereotypes. Women are faced with more physical and emotional obstacles from the early stages of their lives than males. One of the most prominent obstacles is the menstruation cycle which hits most females hard during puberty. Females go through excruciating pain on a monthly basis from 10 years old to about 50 years old. This menstrual cycle is essential for fertility - in other words, females go through this monthly pain so they will be able to have babies. Males do not suffer any regular pain close to the menstrual pains. Women were seen as fragile, weak and strictly domesticated in past years. Men were seen as strong, powerful, superior people. From about the twentieth century, women have been fighting their way up to level with males. Many have failed but slowly women have been able to successfully work their way to earning superior positions in the work place and even in the household. Since being placed in the South African constitution, it has become possible for women to be equal to males in every aspect. This is just one of the other struggles women face. Mentally, women deal with more trying circumstances. Because women are generally more emotionally influenced, they have a more sensitive approach to most things that occur in life. During puberty girls are known to be seriously affected by rumours, stereotypes and other social issues. Most males rely on their aggression and violent instinct to react or express themselves. Psychological hurt lasts for longer periods than what physical damage does. In this day and age, women in the household are expected to work an do the domestic errands while the men work, come home and relax. This is particularly why I believe that a woman’s life is more difficult than a man’s. Deur die eeue, het vroue geleef het deur die gemeenskap se verwagtinge en stereotipes?. Vroue word gekonfronteer met &'n meer fisiese en emosionele struikelblokke uit...
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