African Wolf Dog

Topics: Canidae, African Wild Dog, Dog Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: October 13, 2011
African wild dog

Welcome to the trip. Do you like painted stuff? Do you like dogs and wolves? Well if you do, this animal is for you. It is an African wild dog. It is very interesting. Their nicknames are cape hunting dog and painted wolf. When I read the paragraph on the African wild dog I was amazed by how different it is from other dogs. Some people like to eat plants, fruit, and veggies they are called vegetarians. However, the African wild dog is not like a vegetarian, it likes birds, antelopes, wild beets, rodents, livestock, and zebras. Most dogs eat dog food but the African wild dog is a carnivore. It hunts in the grasslands and shady woods. These dogs hunt in packs that are usually between 6 to 20. Sometimes these dogs hunt in bigger packs. The African wild dog has a big appetite. Of course, African wild dogs live in Africa. But where in Africa? Well in the Sub Saharan. It is South of the Saharan Dessert. Its habitats are like the typically roams, open plains with grass, and sparse woodlands. They prefer the open plains and the sparse woodlands. Now that’s done let’s visualize what they look like. Listen, now when you think of a dog you think of flat ears down or up, paws, fur, spots, coloring brown, gold, white and/or black, right? Well, the African wild dog does not have these qualities. It has 4 toes on one paw instead of 3 like a normal dog. Remember the nickname painted wolf? Well, it got the name because of how it looks. The yellow fur is the main coat along with white, black, and brown spots. The African wild dog has big round ears unlike other dogs and wolves that have flat down or pointed up ears. The African wild dog stands 6ft tall on their back legs. It stands 26 inches tall on all 4 legs, male and female alike. They weigh 39.5lbs to 79 lbs, males are normally 66lbs and female are 55lb. At birth they are 18oz. Now we know how they look and weigh it is time to move on. Amazing, these animals are endangered. But...
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