African Struggles

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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Struggles of African Americans.

Sherzel George


September 23, 2012
Samantha Morris

African American Struggles

I have chosen to write about African Americans. I have also chosen to write this letter to a friend who I want to understand the struggles and accomplishments of the African American race we have descended from. Dear Barry,

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of my African American ancestors and myself. This letter is to inform you of the struggles and accomplishments of this race throughout history. I hope that at the end of reading this letter you can understand and appreciate what they have done to fight for my freedom. I want you to understand some of the struggles that African American had to face. I have a list of subjects in which I will be touching on. • What have been the experiences of this racial group in U.S history? • What have been the political, Social, and cultural issues and concerns throughout American History. • What legislation meant to constrain race within prejudicial boundaries was enacted. How did the group I researched fight this legislation? • What legislation meant to alleviate prejudicial boundaries has been acted. How did the group I researched promote this legislation? African American began arriving in the United States in the 1600’s. They were considered to be slaves and had no rights. Unfortunalty these people had no idea about the struggles that they were about to experience. It seems like they were coming here to be free, But instead they face the destruction of the whites in America. “African Americans wouldn’t gain any rights until the late 1800’s when President Lincoln passed the emancipation proclamation essentially freeing all slaves of the confederacy. The south would further pass laws that claim separate but equal rights between the blacks and whites and continued to discriminate against blacks.”(Chris Lanford March...
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