African Sedentary vs Hunter/Gatherer Society

Topics: Sedentary lifestyle, Affect, Life Pages: 4 (1309 words) Published: October 30, 2011
In every civilization that involves the human race, change is essentially inevitable. Most societies strive to make it so most people are positively benefited from these changes. Despite the efforts, some people are still negatively affected by the shifts in customs. We see numerous examples of people being both positively and negatively affected from the shift of hunter/gatherer life styles to more sedentary life styles. The text Worlds of History by Kevin Reilly and the film N!ai, the Story of a !Kung Woman display many examples of said scenario. The shift from a hunter/gatherer style to a sedentary style in Africa helped some people flourish, made it difficult for others, and affected men and woman in several different ways.

Most people are aware of what African societies had to do on a daily basis just to survive. This included walking several miles for water, then walking back with full containers of water. To eat, these people depended on hunting large animals with small, inferior weapons and picking the berries and other plants that they found in the dessert. Although this tactic worked, it was not the most efficient way of conducting a life style. Henceforth, we can pick out a transition from this to a more sedentary life style. This change included many benefits. In a sedentary culture, the residents could notice a food surplus, due to the increased farming. With farms right next to a living community, it was quite simple to obtain food. This is a great benefit not only because people could eat, but it also helped nonagricultural professions flourish. Where there was food, there was energy and currency. This clearly leads to a more stable economy. Where there are farms, though, there must be water. As they moved into a sedentary way of life, people began moving closer to dependable bodies of water. Instead of walking several miles for water, it was plenty accessible for nourishment purposes and for irrigation purposes. The sedentary style created ever...
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