African Religion 1877-1900

Topics: God, Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: March 8, 2013
History of Africa’s religious mind set in the 1877-1900’s where dictated by nations that seen Africa as a great resource for money and help through slavery; strategic military advantage from their enemies and reinforce their status with allies as well, and just for a few, a new place to migrate for a new life. What it may be Africa has been torn apart; raped for its resources and culture, and talk down upon by the same people that use this great continent bountiful land scape. I will begin with a detailed glimpse of Africa’s rich religion and tradition that took place in the early years and even done till this day, then warp to 1877 to 1900. As far as I read the only documented accounts of Africa’s religion began in 60,000 year ago the earliest written religious texts as well as the first documented monotheistic religion also developed in Africa. (Internet Sacred Text Archive) They are about 3,000 ethnic groups in Africa with their own religious system. Which consist of traditional stories, how they perform certain rituals, and consult religious leaders unique to their group. Religion for African people is part of all aspects their world. African tradition of religion is fundamentally good and merciful Supreme Being that created the universe in which they live in. Some ethnic groups see the entity as having both male and female aspects. That the main creator Bemba coexists with three other Gods named Nyale, Faro, and Ndomadyiri. However it maybe the creator god sustains life for humans, who are regarded in the African traditional religion as the center of the universe. Despite that god sustained the universe, in most African cultures he was to interact directly in the affairs of the world. Spirits acted as intermediaries existing separately from the physical which are called animism. They are two kinds of spirits those found in nature like mountains and rivers also wild animals; the other spirits found of those deceased ancestors. They all had people they...
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