African Empires

Topics: Mali Empire, Africa, Ibn Battuta Pages: 2 (638 words) Published: January 24, 2013
African Empires
Before the arrival of Europeans, African Empires, Kingdoms, and Cities had many achievements. Using the documents given, I have characterized these specific achievements by using examples that were stated by many different authors.

Eastern Coastal Africa (more specifically Kilwa) was “one of the most beautiful cities in the world”, as said by Ibn Battuta a man who had traveled many different places. He travelled from India, to Arabia, and back to Africa in a numerous amount of ways (as shown in document eight). Not only was Kilwa a beautiful city with luxuries enjoyed by Muslim rulers and merchants, but it controlled the oversea trade around that part of the world. In fact, as illustrated in document one, Eastern Africa had a large system of trade that seemed to be mainly ‘sea’ based. Trade was a very important aspect to the life of the early Africans. It provided a great wealth to their empires. As said in document three, African cities such as Ghana had many military forces that protected that trade. Almost all of the trade that occurred in Africa went through Ghana at one time or another, and the government officials had to make sure that trade was safe. By doing so, they were abhorrent toward injustice. In document six, scholar and judge, Ibn Battuta says, “There is complete security in their country. Neither traveler nor inhabitant in it has anything to fear from robbers.” Hearing this, we can predict that what the government system was doing worked, so they must have been educated very well. Judges, Doctors, Priests, were all taught at the cost of the King. Manuscripts, books, and expensive ones at that were bought by the king and given to those who used them to help the society. A Moroccan traveler expresses this greatly after visiting Timbuktu. Kiings, however were not the only people to give away their money for the good of others. Actually, there is one man in particular who was famous for it, his name was Mansa Musa. An...
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