African Americans: Be More Marketable in the Economy

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  • Published : November 24, 2012
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What can African Americans do to become more marketable in this economy?

The average African Americans have by far been significantly unmarketable in comparison to their Average Caucasian counterparts. However, it should be mentioned that there are some African Americans who are also very marketable in our society. These few successful and marketable African Americans know and apply key principles in marketing themselves. This is the difference that separates the unmarketable and marketable African American. However, there are ways for the unmarketable African Americans to become more marketable in the global economy. In this essay, I will only be discussing seven of those major ways.

African Americans can become more marketable if they: develop a highly impressive resume; prepare to participate in the global economy; become technologically savvy; are flexible in job expectations; improve on interview skills; network wisely; and improve on his or her interview skills.

The first thing that African Americans who want to become more marketable should do is attend college or university and study a challenging major. This is because it is important to have at least a Bachelors degree in order to get a meaningful job that will bring any kind of success to ones life. After attending University; one should develop a highly impressive resume. An impressive resume that documents evidence of academic excellence, demonstrated leadership, well developed social skills, and personal initiative will definitely get the attention of corporate recruiters and hiring managers.

It is also important to participate in the global economy. One can do this by becoming familiar with another language. Becoming familiar with at least one of the major languages that are involved in international commerce such as: Japanese, Spanish, or Chinese; is enough to put one head and shoulders above his or her peers.

One should also try to become more technologically savvy because the...
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