African American Population

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  • Published : October 12, 2010
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African American population growth

Will the African American Population grow?

Will the African American Population Grow?
At the beginning of each decade in the United States a census is taken to determine the population (Gale, 2008). While the 2000 census states that the African American population makes up 13% of the American population. And predicts it will stay the same percentage until the year 2050. The African American population will reproduce and contribute to the world as other majority and minority groups. So why wouldn't this group grow as a population. African American Growth

The African American population has been growing in America since they were involuntarily brought here. From 1492 to 1820 the African American population grew to 9.5 million in the west alone (POPULATION, 2000). In 1900, there were 8.8 million African Americans in the United States, representing 11.6% of the total population. Between 1910 and 1930, the African American population percentage declined, reaching a low point in 1930 when the population was only 9.7% of the United States population (Gale, 2008). Since 1930, the African American population has grown at a faster rate than national averages (POPULATION, 2000). Over four centuries the African American population has become less rural and concentrated than it was in the nineteenth century (POPULATION, 2000). African Americans do not have to endure slavery. The group has also gained the same rights as other minority and majority groups. The United States Department of Commerce

The Department of Commerce expects growth in the Black population. The United States Department of Commerce expects the Black population to make up 16 percent on the American population, by the year 2050 (Black Collegian, 2002). The Department Economic and Statistic Administration will examine effect of the 2010 census and the black population. The Administration will concentrate on the finances of the Black population and...
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