African American Literature Summary of Classroom Observations

Topics: Special education, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (1004 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Summary of Classroom Observations

I conducted my observations at my Alma mater, Lakeside High School in Dekalb County, in Atlanta Georgia. About thirty minutes from Clayton State, some years back the student population was predominately Caucasian. But now and even when I attended, the minority population has become the majority. I spent about four days total observing the behavior of the students at Lakeside, mainly the special education ones. Prior to taking this course, I didn’t grasp how hard teaching the different standards not only to regular education students but to ones with severe mental and physical disabilities as well. But this course and my observations have opened up my eyes and taught me a lot about the curriculum through the eyes of a student with disabilities or as we know call them an exceptional learner. I observed mainly collaborative classes, as well as a few self contained ones. From my observations and the diagnosis the instructors gave me on some of the children in the class, many of the special education students suffered from EBD (Emotional Behavioral Disorder). Another observation was that most of the children suffering from learning disabilities were African American boys. The obvious characteristics were there in the students: “class clowns”, who made a lot of distraction in class. They were also the ones that contributed the less in class. But seeing as how they were in a class with regular students they weren’t readily identified as such. They also fade into the background in class, not adding to any conversations or answering questions. Most of them seemed to be very uninterested in discussion or class work, fiddling with their pencils or doodling in their notebooks. It wasn’t until I observed some small group courses that I was really able to see the discrepancies. I observed a few small group classes, but the one that was most interesting was a certain Literature class I was in. On this particular day there were...
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