African-American Civil Right Movement

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  • Topic: Martin Luther King, Jr., African-American Civil Rights Movement, Montgomery Bus Boycott
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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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The African-American Civil Rights Movement

During the frail moments in history there are times to be seen as a great movement. One of those moments in the history of America was the African-American Civil Rights Movement. This movement came by storm with different views on how civil rights should be fought. With the extremism of Malcolm X or the prolific voice of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There were key court cases Brown v. Board of Education and the world wide known Rosa Parks. This action by African-Americans to fight for equality was a battle which they had to endure. However, the African-American people would be able to succeed in the goals which they set. One of the greatest social movements within the United States was the African-American Civil Rights Movement. This movement wanted to rid or outlaw racial discrimination against African-Americans. The movement had a major campaign of civil resistance which were acts of nonviolent protest and civil disobedience that would create a disturbance to federal, state, and local governments. The segregation between “White” and “Colored” was the main cause for these protests. The segregation was nonsense. With separate drinking fountains, restrooms, and other miniscule areas the segregation between whites and coloreds kept the rift between these two races. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is known for his heroic speeches that describe that to thrive as a nation, a nation must be united. With his superior charismatic skills he was able to grab the attention of the nation. His most famous speech which is known by most as “I have a dream” speech was the high point of the 1963 March on Washington. Another leader during the African-American Civil Right Movement was Malcolm X. Though many peers viewed him as a advocate that charged racial issue, he undoubtedly brought the attention of racial injustice. An example of his actions was a New York Police beating on Johnston Hinton. Malcolm X went to the police station to see...
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