Africa Malnutrition

Topics: Malnutrition, Africa, Famine Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: December 3, 2012
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Part A.
Hunger and malnutrition in various countries of Africa have been on the increase since the 1960’s. In the 1980’s it reached a climax when over 150 million people were affected by it in one form or another. Now more than 30 million children and adults across a swath of Africa are facing a devastating hunger and malnutrition crisis. Countries like Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia are among some of the regions that are strongly affected by hunger and malnutrition issues. In Kenya the prevalence of undernourishment in total populations is 30% in Ethiopia 40% and in Zambia 47%. The number of undernourished persons in these regions is extremely high with Kenya at 13.0 million, Ethiopia at 34 million and Zambia at 60 million. This indicates that a large number of people in these populations are suffering from hunger and malnutrition. Crop failures, sky rocketing food prices and insecurity have made it hard for parents to provide nutritious food for their children in some parts of Africa. United States Secretary General Kofi Annan addressed that African leaders are mismanaging Africa’s abundant resources. He stated emphatically that the plundering of these resources has become the very source of Africa’s misery. This being that the lack of resources in Africa may be the main reason for hunger and malnutrition of their people. Hunger and malnutrition has had a deadly effect on counties in Africa. During the 1970’s it was estimated that 30 million people were affected by hunger and malnutrition. 5 million children died in 1984 alone. In Mozambique during the 1983-1984 famine about 100, 000 people perished. Today people in Africa are still dying and facing hunger and malnutrition issues. Malnutrition diseases like protein energy deficiency, anemia, and vitamin A deficiency is common of millions of people in Africa, and if effecting and even killing them especially children. Anemia can lead to disorders like mental retardation, cretinism,...
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