Africa in the Time of Cholera

Topics: Cholera, Pandemic, Epidemiology Pages: 3 (1167 words) Published: May 20, 2013
While some people can say that they have visited Africa, fewer can actually say that they experienced African history first hand. For many of us, Africa is only a poor country filled with diseases, massive land, and little aspects for their people. None of us really question how Africa came to be the country that it is today, and most of us are really not interested at all. However, for some of us that are, the history of Africa is shaped by the diseases that it faced in the past, in particular, the outbursts of cholera. Considered by many as a leading historian of medicine, Myron Enchenberg’s literature “Africa in the Time of Cholera” was published by Cambridge University Press in May 2011 and makes a compelling contribution to the history of Africa. Written in a style which can be easily understood by those who can read basic English, Africa in the time of Cholera borrows theories and ideas from social sciences, such as natural selection, and evolutionary biology, to present facts and data with the latest scientific knowledge to show how cholera has significantly altered human history in the past, the present and the future. Echenberg uses a wide array of secondary sources in his literature borrowing from statistical resources, unpubished materials, articles, monographs, newspaper articles and internet resources as well as other books written on the topic of Cholera in America. Enchenberg’s volume describes, with bleak frankness and sobering details, how the economic transformations of the world has infected the earth with a plague so cruel and how it created a world-wide epidemic that has killed millions. The main purpose of his literature is to present a timeline from 1817 to the present that shows the seven cholera pandemics Africa faced, in particular, he focuses on the experiences African’s faced during the seventh pandemic. In chapter one of his literature, Echenberg focuses on the different factors that have contributed to the spread of cholera...
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