Africa and Colonialism

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  • Published: September 10, 2008
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When we look at Africa for that past couple of years wee see Genocide in Rwanda and Darfur ,instability in Sierra Leone, lack of a government in Somalia, Civil War in Sudan , land grabbing and AIDS in Zimbabwe, Diamond and Oil wars in Angola, Crime in South Africa. . Not to mention the problems caused by foreign debt, and affected by international ignorance and exploitation. In this paper I will try to you asses the political economic legacy of colonialism in Africa. the legacy is substantially based on the fact that that the Europeans wanted to extract resources from Africans by any means possible, even if that would lead to the instability in and destruction of the content political, economic, and social institutions up to the present time.

The most crucial economic legacy that colonialism left on Africa’s economy was the integration of the African economy into the world economic system. in the Conference of Berlin in 1884-85, europians established the rules by which Africa would be involed in the world economy ,these rules forced africa "to produce raw materials and agricultural goods to meet the needs of Europe's industries and consumers. what resulted is that traditional agricultural economies were forced to specialize in cash crops meant for export. This transformation led to dependence on foreign distribution and consumption. So there system brought all the economic benefit to the Europeans at the expense of their colonies by making them dependent on the europian seystem. Presedent Munro, for example, argues that integration into the international economy was the key factor that exacerbated colonial dependencies; He said “Being unprepared to compete in the global market, the integration of these new states into the world economy merely deepened their colonial dependency”

This impact of colonialism effected both the internal and external causes of underdevelopment in africa today . Internally, the political and economic structures...
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