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Unit 5: The New South
Page Numbers – Textbook (p. 317-373) Coach (p. 110-121) CRCT Prep (94-107)
I. Economics of the New South

1. Bourbon Triumvirate Group of three wealthy men (Joseph E. Brown, Alfred H. Colquitt, John B. Gordon) that led the Georgia Democrats and tried to help the wealthy, white citizens of Georgia during the New South.

2. Populist New political party that was formed during the New South; supported farmers and African Americans in the South.

3. Rebecca Latimer Felton Georgia reformer that worked to improve child labor laws and prison conditions; served as the first female U.S. Senator.

4. Henry Grady Person known as “the voice of the New South” and “the father of the New South”; used his influence working for the Atlanta Constitution to persuade Northerners about the South’s ability to be industrial; helped to organize the International Cotton Exposition.

5. Tom Watson Georgia politician and leader of the Populist Party; created the RFD Bill that delivered mail to rural areas for free; assisted poor Georgians and farmers.

6. International Cotton Expo. Event held in 1881 and 1895; created to show the economic recovery and potential of the South after Reconstruction; tried to get businessmen to invest money in Georgia by building factories (industry).

7. 1906 Atlanta Riot Racial violence between white and black citizens in 1906; began as a result of false accusations against black citizens (raping and murdering white women) published in the Atlanta Journal and Atlanta Constitution.

8. Leo Frank Jewish factory manager accused of killing a 14 year old white girl named Mary Phagan; he was sentenced to death but the sentence was later changed to life in prison; kidnapped and lynched (hung) in Marietta.

9. Knights of Mary Phagan The Ku...
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