Africa's Positive Side

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17 January 2012
Africa’s Positive Side
There is one very interesting story that is taking place in Africa and is giving young pilots hope in Africa. One of the world’s largest aerospace companies, Boeing, has teamed up with South Africa’s forty third air school to teach young students how to be a pilot, and this school will try to get the students to become a co-pilot in two years.(Forty Third Air School Staff) One major is trying to get kids off the streets and give them a better future in education. The flight industry opens new opportunity for a career that is unique and that most people do not have.

This new flight school has opened new opportunities to young adults to go into studying a subject that is very interesting. Boeing is a huge part of this opening because it provides the technology and all of the materials used for the planes. Boeing is making a very good idea, instead of just investing in an air school in South Africa; they have taken the time and their money to teach people how to fly planes. This school has announced that by two years of attendance at the school the students could have the career of a co-pilot in South Africa.

This Forty Third Air School has some very interesting facts behind it wich gives it an edge and probably is a reason that Boeing chose this air school. The original forty third Air School opened in 1942 as part of the Joint Air Training Scheme during World War II.(Forty Third Air School Staff). In recent news about the school, is that a team of highly qualified professionals with very extensive operational experience provides training of an international 2

standard to some 300 airline, military, corporate, and self-sponsored students.(Juma, Calestous) This school provides an education for military flight and general air flight which does give students a chance to decide what they want to study.( Van Rijswijck, Emily)

This school will benefit South Africa because it is producing...
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