Afgnan Food Culture

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  • Published : May 8, 2011
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Introduction to Afghan Food Culture
Talk about Afghanistan, and most people get the misconception that this is a country that does not have much to offer. In the event that you are of the same view, you need be informed that your perceptions are slightly misplaced. True, this is a country that has been ravaged by war and politics and so many other negative impacts of societal conflicts. However, even in the midst of all this madness, there is one thing that remains truly Afghan, it is their culture. So rich is the Afghan culture that there are so many countries that cannot even match them. Afghanistan is quite a unique nation, located within desert land. However, all the dryness and the war do not strike off the impeccable and enthralling culture that prevails. Such is the prevalence that Afghan foods like sambosa egoushti , The Slow Food Guide to San Francisco and the Bay Area: Restaurants, Markets …edited by Sylvan Brackett, Sue Moore, Wendy Dow (2005)have found their way into other countries. Origin of Afghan food culture

Unlike other countries that we might have come across, the Afghan food culture is one of a kind. The cuisine that is served within and without the boundaries of this country is of such rich an origin it strikes all taste buds to feel the rush. There are reports and research information that have gone on record to document that the food that is usually served in Afghanistan is usually a carefully blended species that emanates from the surrounding nations. Well, even though there might be some truth in this, there remains the logical part where the originality of the Afghan cuisine is seen in the way in which the people prepare their foods. Afghan cuisines are so enthralling that there are restaurants and many other food outlets in different parts of the world that prepare Afghan foods just to make themselves specialties as in The Rough Guide to San Francisco Restaurants By Elgy Gillespie (2003).As you go further east, you will realize that...
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