Afghan Geography Project+Ap Human Geography

Topics: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Taliban Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: February 28, 2011
Afghan Militia Bases

* Classify the Dispute and Shape
* The Taliban are Muslim fundamentalists, with a strict interpretation of Sharia law and a notorious treatment of women. * Afghanistan is a land locked nation-state in a compact shape. * It shares a border with Pakistan.

* Pakistan is an elongated state.
* The border between the two states is elongated.
* Pakistan and Afghanistan are separated by a desert.
* These attributes allow the conflict to continue because it is difficult to patrol and regulate. In addition, it is relatively very easy to sneak across. * Some people are suggesting that the border be shut down and that helicopters with mounted machine guns patrol the border and kill anyone attempting to cross at an unauthorized location. * The capitol of Afghanistan, in Kabul, is separated from most cities by a vast desert and it is difficult to control anything outside of the capitol. * Members of the Taliban cross between Afghanistan and Pakistan. * Type of State

* The people of Afghanistan have gone under several regimes yet remain as a nation-state. However, The U.N. Security Council warned that Afghanistan might become a failed state due to growing Taliban violence, illegal drug production, and fragile government. * Despite the division between Taliban supporters and anti-Taliban movements, most Afghans are connected by a common religion, land, language, and history. * My Opinions

* The main challenges to endeing the conflict include the layout of the land, terrain, and lack of organization, local political and military power, and a clear goal. * I feel that it would be a good idea to limit the access to the international border between the two countries, yet I acknowledge that this would be very difficult to accomplish successfully. However, if a patrol were to be initiated, the risk involved in crossing might deter some people. * There will be no simple solution, but a...
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