Affixes: Suffix and Suffixes Verb Suffixes

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Supporting and Opposing Prefixes (Prefix of Attitude)
1. Pro - Being pro-abortion does not mean you enjoy killing babies; it’s just that you believe in freedom of choice.

2. Anti - Job training and food stamps are two kinds of anti-poverty programs.

3. Counter - The military used a counterattack against the rebels.

Negative Prefixes
1. A - The basketball player was an amateur.

2. Dis - The girl disrespect her parents.

3. Un - The Vizconde massacre still remains unsolved.

4. Non - The Gatorade Energy drink is a nonalcoholic beverage.

Prefixes of Place (Locative Prefixes)

1. Ante - Antediluvian times, we had mainframes with terminals connected directly to ports.

2. Circum - His prime objective was to measure a degree on the equator to calculate the circumference of the earth.

3. Fore - Foresight panels are pursuing recommendations put forward in the reports.

4. Extra - The audience was amazed at her extraordinary singing ability.

5. In - The independent thinker could solve his problems on his own.

6. Inter - Parts from a Chevy truck will not interchange with a Ford trucks parts.

7. Intra - The formation of the intramural sports team has been a blessing to that school.

8. Supra - Because of their association with supranormal powers, the bases of power have generally been slighted in Western writings on Buddhism.

9. Sur - My first name is Lourence my surname is Escorsa.

10. Tele - John used telekinesis to switch off the light.

11. Trans - The transcript of his high school grades was impressive.

12. Ultra - The ultrasound showed us a picture of her baby inside her womb.

13. Under - They had a mutual understanding of the terms and conditions.

Prefixes of Size, Degree and Status

1. Arch - The Philippines archipelago is one of the largest in the world since it has 17-18 islands forming the country.

2. Macro - The disk is made up of a large number of biological macromolecules.

3. Micro - Many diseases result from a microbe that enters the cells of the body.

4. Mega - The megabank was reported bankrupt.

5. Mini - The minimarket is only for buying groceries.

6. Ante - The antebellum period was during the civil war.

7. Ex - The ex-governor was accused for stealing money from the government.

8. Fore - Her words foretold that there would be tragedy in the future.

9. Mid - Right around midday the temperature got a lot warmer.

10. Neo - A neoplasm is a type of new growth or a tumour.

11. Post - Maya’s husband will postdate a check to cover the remaining balance on their account.

12. Pre - Dinosaurs are prehistoric animals.

13. Mono - The man could only speak French, which meant he was monolingual.

14. Uni - Unicycle has one wheel.

15. Poly - The bay itself is a marine sanctuary that teems with schools of polychromatic tropical fish.

16. Multi - If you find yourself in a bad situation, be careful, or else your troubles may multiply and you could end up in a worse situation than you ever dreamed of.

17. Semi - I prefer the semisweet chocolate rather than the milk chocolate.

18. Demi - Demitasse spoon always bothers me.

Inflectional Suffixes

1. S - The dog closes the door.

2. Ed - The children played happily.

3. Ing - RJ is eating his dinner.

4. S - The girls play doll house.

5. En - Snow White has eaten the apple.

6. Er - Rick is smaller than Mitch.

7. Est - The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world.

8. N’t - Angela doesn’t like to eat vegetables.

Derivational Suffixes

Verb Suffixes

1. Ify - Gabby needs to identify the problem.

2. Ize - We should minimize the use of plastic.

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