Affirmative on Resolved: the Actions of Corporations Ought to Be Held to the Same Moral Standard as the Actions of Individuals.

Topics: Morality, Social contract, Human Pages: 4 (1091 words) Published: March 20, 2008
Noble motives cannot justify a policy that consistently fails to deliver what it promises or that creates greater long-term problems than it solves Walter A. McDougall

Currently it is to easy for corporations to find loopholes in corporate laws that are Set in place to try and protect people and other companys from the immoral actions of these corporations

Solution! Affirm

now before we continue I must provide the following resolution all analysis of this resolution

1. as the affirmative i must prove that the actions of corporations ought to be, held, to the same moral standards as the actions of individuals

2.My second point is that the negative either must say that one corporation must not be held to moral standards or two the actions of corporations ought to be held to different moral standards than the actions of individuals what I have to say on this is that corporations at the status quo find it all too easy to bend the law without actually breaking it

Whereas both negative possible responses do not improve the current situation

to show why I affirm this resolution I will argue the Value of Equality to best persuade you, and give reasons to you, the judge, why the moral standards of corporations ought be the same as any individual first I want to point out that according to blacks law dictionary a corporation is legally considered an individual entity containing the same rights and consequences as far as the government is concerned. and throughout my case I will refer to corporations as such

since this is the case I will prove that corporations, because they are acting as individuals and claim these rights, have legally entered into the social contract we all entered when we were born, so to elaborate on this I will use John Locke's Theory of the Social Contract to help you understand why equality is parmount in this round and how it very much applies to this topic I will do so in three main arguments, 1st a corporations...
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