Affirmative Action: a Losing Battle

Topics: Discrimination, Affirmative action, United States Pages: 3 (615 words) Published: February 7, 2013
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1.Yes. Affirmative action is aimed at addressing the imbalances of the past. It is sanctioned and required by the constitutional requirement to achieve substantive or real equality. There is a moral imperative on all South Africans to work towards the achievement of a more equitable society. Racial discrimination, in contrast, has no rational and objective premise and simply appeals to the basest of human instincts. It is in the best interests of society to promote the general well-being of as many of its citizens as possible. A healthy, well-educated, well-adjusted citizen contributes to both the wealth and the stability of the society.

2.The United States of America used Affirmative Action to promote racial preference through the implementation of various acts from 1862 to 1930 to address the issues of inequality.

3.South Africa is a country with a huge imbalance between the rich and poor created by the previous apartheid and racial laws to discriminate against Blacks, Coloureds and Indians in education and employment opportunities. In order to balance these inequalities, the South African government had to implement Affirmative Action policies like Employment Equity Act, for example, to address the huge gap created in employment opportunities. The policy is justifiable in that it is aimed at creating a just and equitable society. On moral grounds, the government of this country has a responsibility to make a good-faith effort to remedy the effects of past discrimination.

4.For as long as these inequalities exist, the policy cannot be discontinued because of the legacy that existed for a long time. It will take a long time before the different racial groups could fully participate in all areas of the economy.

5.This question is not clear…. Please check with facilitator.


1.Cultivating equal...
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