Affirmative Action Short Essay 6

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  • Published : March 26, 2008
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Affirmative Action is a moral and political dilemma which seems to divide Americans more than it unites them. Affirmative action was intended to promote access to education or employment and is aimed at minority groups. However, those in the majority become the ones who are being discriminated against. Those who agree with affirmative action see it as a type of program designed to undo the racism of our forefathers and reverse the effects of both past and present discrimination. Those who are against affirmative action see it as another form of discrimination, giving one group extra advantages based upon nothing but their skin color or ethnic background. Affirmative action is an unfair program; everyone should be given equal opportunity no matter what gender, race or ethnicity. Affirmative action was put in place to remove discrimination, however, affirmative action does not remove the discrimination, it merely directs it to majorities instead of minorities. Affirmative action was put in to place because it is believed that some minority groups receive poor educational opportunities. But if someone from the minority and someone from the majority attend the same school the minority should not receive special benefits, although the education programs may have been poor, both received the same education and should have the same opportunity. Affirmative action is also viewed as an insult to some who feel they are smart enough to not need the help of affirmative action. “Besides encouraging many to play the victim, affirmative action policy telegraphs an equally harmful subliminal message to its beneficiaries.
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