Affirmative Action Recommendation

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Affirmative Action Recommendation

By | October 2007
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Affirmative Action 1
Affirmative Action Recommendation
Dorothy M. Garrett
Western International University
HRM 335
Debbie Humphrey
December 3, 2006

Affirmative Action 2
In an effort to improve this organization and to provide a positive workplace environment, it is my recommendation that the Board of Directors of this company should implement and sustain an affirmative action policy to ensure equal opportunity for all employees. Such a policy should establish specific standards to prevent discrimination against any employee based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or veteran status. This affirmative action policy should also comply with all equal opportunity laws and regulations. "The underlying motive for affirmative action is the Constitutional principle of equal opportunity, which holds that all persons have the right to equal access to self-development" (Encyclopedia of Small Business, 2006).

Discrimination is not only illegal, but it is also immoral. The adverse treatment of an individual based on class or category goes against the belief that America is the "land of opportunity". Affirmative action attempts to correct and prevent further discriminatory actions. A thorough analysis of the make-up of this organization will provide a basis with which to begin drafting an effective affirmative action policy that will ultimately ensure that the workforce of this company is diverse, adequately trained, and promoted equally. The goals of this proposed affirmative action policy is to ensure that all prospective employees that are members of a protected-class receive proportionate consideration, the pursuit of fair treatment, and the reduction of unnecessary conflict between employees. The policy needs to be implemented in such a way that members of the unprotected class are not discriminated against in the attempt to obtain equality.

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The creation of a successful affirmative action...

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