Affirmative Action Paper 9

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  • Published : August 24, 2010
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Discrimination is not only persists in the United States with regard to race, but also in connection with gender. There are many obstacles that women face today that are different from what men face. Expectation regarding stereotyping is subjected to women and men of today. ( Desjaradins, 2008 p, 211)

There are several matters that scholars, jurists, and corporate leaders continue to debate. But from Kantian, deontological perspective, agreement on the fundamental rights implied by the following issues and on their appropriate prioritization is not yet universal. From a utilitarian view point, reasonable minds engaged in these ethical issues do not always agree on which resolution might lead towards the greater common good, or even what that good should ultimately be. Distributive justice does not provide a clear-cut solution as each camp can often make an argument for fairness. (Hartman, Desjardins 2008 p, 208)

One approach toward discrimination in employment calls for no corporation is governmental intervention. There are many business owners who argued that if the market would leave the decision to the business owner’s discrimination would phase-out. And that is, if a firm hires its employees on the basis of prejudices and discriminatory opinion (like women is not capable of doing the job), this is where they are limiting their search for feature employees. Whereas another employer may not discriminate, can choose from a wider verity will obtain more individuals for the job. This is therefore and opportunity cost to discrimination. The human capital of women and minorities is lost when we deny them opportunities in economy. (Hartman, Desjardin, 2008 p, 209)

Reverse discrimination is a term that is used of affirmative action to refer to the policies that the government designed to remedy historical effects of past discrimination. Affirmative action was introduced after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 during the administration of President Lyndon...
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