Affirmative Action Morally Justifiable in a Race-Conscious Society

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  • Published : November 10, 2012
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Affirmative action morally justifiable in a race-conscious society A common belief for most opponents of affirmative action is that it makes qualifications and experience secondary to race and is thus, “unfair to those whose superior qualifications are bypassed” (Sher 81). It merely takes away opportunity from one race, gives it to another and results in reverse discrimination. However, we live in a society where race is already used as a decision making factor in various aspects of daily life. The use of race as a decision making factor manifests itself as personal biases, which typically influences the life of minorities in a negative way. Thus, in a race-conscious society, affirmative action is morally right because it inverts the societal norm of viewing race negatively, while compensating for people’s natural tendencies to discriminate. Both Sher and Scanlon explicitly state that past discriminations should be ignored if one is to create a strong pro-affirmative action argument. Nonetheless, history needs to be taken into account in order to give my pro-affirmative action argument context. I will not be arguing, however, that affirmative action is a means to correct or compensate for past wrongs. I will argue that the mindset of the past manifest itself today as a societal norm, which negatively influence the minority. In my argument, whites represent the majority and blacks represent the minority. All minorities should benefit from affirmative action, not just blacks specifically, but since black and white are the racial groups oftentimes used when dealing with racial issues, I will use these two groups as well. Historically, some groups of people have been viewed, and thus treated, inferiorly. The most well known group of people to experience this type of treatment is African Americans. It is common knowledge that slavery was an extremely dehumanizing practice where the self-worth of blacks was marginalized on a daily basis...
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