Affirmative Action in College Admissions

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  • Published : October 27, 2008
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Affirmative Action in College Admissions
Affirmative Action has become one of the most controversial issues regarding college admissions. It is an issue that exposes profiling to its highest extent. Race, gender and income now become vital factors in education opportunities. Affirmative Action is the procedure that is used as a criteria in admissions that will increase the points a college applicant receives on their application evaluation based on the previous factors. Whether race should be considered in the admission of a college applicant, is without a doubt a must in all states. Affirmative Action definitely will improve the opportunities of a minority student applying at a university but it will not be the deciding factor. When universities adopt affirmative action in the admissions they understand that merit plays a more important factor. Nevertheless, affirmative action can only help a student that is already prevailing academically. As a result, affirmative action should play a role in the college admissions decision. This is because minorities tend to be at a disadvantage in income and education opportunities. It is also important for the university to meet its

Perez 2 desired level of diversity, thus through affirmative action this can be achieved. Ending affirmative action would significantly decrease the number of minority applicants. Theoretically, racial profiling will always be imperative in evaluating the capacity of each individual. However, how is race related to college success? Even though the United States is formed by immigrants from all over the world, it is the appreciation of diversity that has made this country such a unique ‘melting pot’ of cultures. Minorities in this country tend to be at a disadvantage simply because some of them are immigrants, low income, or because they do not have...
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