Affects of a Leader

Topics: World War II, United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: December 3, 2012
How the Weakness of a Leader Affected Their Country During the World War 2 Era. By: Jeremiah Sparks

What makes a nation weak and unsuccessful? What makes a nation strong and able to survive? Some people believe that the quality of the leader in the nation plays an important part in this.

Japan's leader during World War 2 was Emperor Hirohito. Although he didn't directly get involved into the war afforts, he was still the ruler and never spoke out against it. This is his weakness and why his nation was nearly destroyed. Hirohito could have stopped the war by simply disagreeing with it in the beginning. He could of also stopped the war at anytime during the fighting with surrendering. By him not surrendering, he lost the lives of many Japanese in both the fighting and the dropping of two atomic bombs. If he had surrendered, he could have probably built back the Japanese empire instead of it being destroyed and now ran by prime ministers and consultants. Through his weakness, Japan suffered, just like through Macbeth's weakness, all of Scotland was in chaos.

The leader of Germany during World War 2 was Adolf Hitler. Hitler was the same as and different from Hirohito. They were different because Hitler got directly involved with the war. He made all of the decisions when it came to the war effort. He is the same because his weakness led to the fall of a great empire he had built. Hitler's weakness was that he couldn't learn from military mistakes in the past and he always bit off to much to chew. Before him, Napoleon was trying to conquer all of Europe and being quite successful. That is before he split his army and began to fight on two fronts, one with Britain and the other with Russia. This spread his army to thin and he lost. Hitler did the same thing and, like Napoleon, he lost. He bit off to much to chew by attacking Russia prematurely. He had a treaty with Russia that he...
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