Affects of Parenting

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Affects of Parenting

The purpose of this study was to research the difference between having two parents and a single parent in a household and how that affects the child intellectually, socially, economically, and financially. The method that was used to collect the data was a survey that was filled out by grade elevens in the HSP class. The participants of this study were grade elevens and tens. The results of this study was that children with single parents are not effected that much. Some spend a lot of time with their parents and have good averages and some do not spend a lot of time with their parents and have below 60% averages.

It is said that children with a single parent are greatly affected. This report was done to compare the difference between having a single parent or two parents in a household and how that affects the child. The experiment started out with a hypothesis and that was, “The lack of a parent figure in a household due to an excessive number of hours working affects the child’s social skills and development. The children lack effective social communication skills and find it difficult to express their emotions in a socially acceptable manner. These children are also affected intellectually, and tend to do worse than a child with two parents.” The research question that started this experiment was “In what ways do limiting economic factors in single parent divorce families shape a child’s intellectual development?”

The method used for this experiment was surveys. These surveys were filled out by grade 11 and 10 boys and girls in an HSP course, 25 of the students were in grade 11 and 2 were in grade 10. In total, there were 27 participants, 14 were male and 13 were females. Out of the 27 participants, 22 had two parents in their household, four had a single parent, and one person had zero parents at home. This survey consisted of 11 questions and was filled out by 27 participants. These questions were designed to gather information about the students, to see how many parents were present in their households and how did that effect them or if it did affect them at all. The questions were also designed to see if having a single parent does affect the child intellectually, socially, and financially. A lot of information was gathered from this survey, for example; a question was asked about how you would react in a situation of anger. Most results were “sometimes” they react in an aggressive situation however most of the responses were answered by students with 2 parents. Most of the students with single parent said that they sometimes are aggressive which was the same result as a person with two parents. The research for this experiment was done by surveys. The survey was taken by every person in the HSP class and filled out. Later on they were put back where they were taken from. The results of the survey was first divided by how many parents did the subject have, one or two parents. Also, their overall average for last semester was used to divide the participants, what was their average for last semester. Results:

Many results were concluded from this survey; however, the most shocking result was in the graph below.

This graph was comparing how many hours the students spent with their parent(s) and most people with two parents spend less than one hour with their parents. However, out of the four students with single parents, two of them spend more than three hours with their parents, one spends one to three hours and only one spends less than one hour with their parents. This was very shocking because most the research that was done before stated that children with a single parent spend less time together than a child with two parents. Due to this, my hypothesis was no supported, I hypothesized that most children with single parents spend little to no time together compared to a child with two parents. This was...
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