Affects of Oil Spill on Oyster Beds

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  • Published : October 10, 2011
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Affects of Oil Spill on Oyster Beds

Beatrice Hemphill

Biology 1408

Section 6300

Mrs. Shipley

The oil spill was a terrible desaster that occurs when petroleum was accidentally released into the water and the environment. Oil spills normally take place on land and in the ocean. When the oil spills that occurs on land it can be cleaned up quickly if it is caught in a timely manner , the oil spill caused major damage to the environment and can also affect the animals which would cause the animals to get very sick and be very hazardous even dead due to the effects of the oil spill. When oil is leaked released into the water it floats on top of the surface and will after an period of time the oil does spread over the surface and it is then that the water becomes thin.When this happensThe oil spills takes along time to clean up and that’s because the large quanity of petroleum oil that was spilled in the ocean. The problem is that the oil is very thick and that means it will stick to the birds and mammals. All of the animals that come in contact with the the oil they are contaminated having breathing problem and can even get phemonia and cause death to occur. And also make the fish unable to reproduce. and it also affects the oyster beds and wild life.the resources become very limited and costly and an extremely amount of money was lost, due to the fact that the government waited so long to respond. The cause of oil spills is when something or someone accidently spill oil in the ocean. Oysters are one of the main seafoods ordered all over the world.Now everybody see what large impact the oil spill had on the environment and the economy along with the oyster beds.With the oil spill being so horrible and devastating with the fisherman not being able to work the restaurants were not able to get the oysters because of them being contaminated. This devastation cause famailys not to be able to provide for there familys...
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