Affects of News Media on American Culture

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  • Published : May 21, 2012
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Effects of Mass Media

In the 20th century mass media was considered to be eight categories: books, newspapers, magazines, recordings, radio, movies, television and the internet. When I think of mass media the internet and cell phones come to mind. Cell phones have evolved since the 21st century. They blew up by giving people the access to the internet on cell phones. There is not anything people cannot do on their cell phones. Television has gone from having no color to color and the remote attached to cordless remotes. They are also 3D and the picture is much clearer and movies have the same developments. Internet has had and is still the number one media that has developed or evolved over the last century. When I talk to my grandparents they tell me how times are so different and advanced. They think that it is great but also scary at times. My grandparents cannot begin to imagine what the media will be like when they pass away. The internet will always be renewed and updated. There will be better, newer, and faster ways to learn. Mankind will never stop evolving. American culture has been influenced by the development of mass media in many different forms. Back before there was television or cell phones they used art to express themselves. People have evolved right along with technology. Technology helped individuals get tasks done faster and more efficient. Cell phones play a huge role in the development in American culture. Individuals can do anything on their cell phones. The internet is the main development in mass media that has been a big influence on American culture. Anyone can learn how to do anything their hearts desire just by a click of a mouse. I have learned how to braid hair by watching Youtube. Music has also evolved as well. I believe music helped mold American culture. And now with the technology we have created there are no obstacles we cannot overcome. •What is meant by the term media convergence, and how has it affected everyday...
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