Affects of Gender on Intelligence

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The Effect of Gender on an IQ – Spatial Intelligence


Intelligence is the capability to take in new information and adapt to situations. It is derived from both genetics and environment. Genetics are the part that genes play in a person’s life. It is also questioned that different levels of different types of intelligence are based on whether a person is male or female. Howard Gardner suggested that there are multiple types of intelligence, those of which are: linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily-kinaesthetic, naturalistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal. These intelligences make up the IQ of an individual. Types of intelligences: * Linguistic: the ability one has with of words.

* Logical-mathematical: the use calculation.
* Musical: sound and rhythm.
* Spatial: the use of spacing and where the placing of things are in comparison to one another. * Bodily-Kinaesthetic: the use of body and motion.
* Naturalistic: the awareness one has with their natural environment. * Interpersonal: the use of interaction with other people. * Intrapersonal: the understanding of one’s self.
A previous experiment conducted shows the differences between levels of spatial intelligence in males and females and how it can be changed, stating that the findings ‘found that playing an action video game can virtually eliminate this gender difference in spatial attention and simultaneously decrease the gender disparity in mental rotation ability’ (Playing an Action Video Game Reduces Gender Differences in Spatial Cognition – 1990). It stated that ‘women benefit[ed] more than men’. The aim of this experiment is: to investigate the effect of gender on multiple types of intelligence, specifically spatial intelligence. Hypothesis: It is believed that the majority of males have more spatial intelligence than females. Independent Variables: gender

Dependent Variables: level of intelligence


Equal amount of 12 girls and 12 boys from the two current (2013) Year 11 Loyola College Psychology classes aged 16 to 17 years.

* Task Sheet
* Computers with internet
* IQ quiz handout


As Seen on ‘Unit 2 Psychology APS 2 SAC 1: ERA Intelligence’ – Task Sheet (refer to appendix) 1. You will form a pair where the 1st person will do puzzle 1 and the 2nd will do puzzle 2. 2. Person 1 Go to the website below complete the puzzle 3. Record the time required to complete the test and gender of the participant on the table attached. 4. Person 2 to go to the below website and repeated the process above

5. Now complete the questions 1-10 on the IQ quiz handout on logical reason. 6. Correct your questions.
7. Give your results table to either Mr Hong or Ms Ray so that the result may be collated.


Spatial Test Scores
Test Score| No. of Girls | No. of Boys|
8| 1| 3|
7| 4| 2|
6| 1| 2|
5| 5| 4|
4| 0| 1|
3| 1| 0|

Girls – 5.83
Boys – 6.16
Girls – 5.5
Boys – 6
Girls – 5
Boys – 5


Statement of Table and Graph:
These results are from a Spatial Intelligence test. The highest scores given were four eights one of which was achieved by a female and the other three by males. The lowest score given to females was a three and the lowest score given to males was a four. On average males scored higher than females with the average score for both categories (male and female) being a score of five.

Jigsaw Puzzle Times
Times in Minutes:| No. of Girls:| No. of Boys:|
4:00 – 4:59| 3| 0|
5:00 – 5:59| 3| 4|
6:00 – 6:59| 3| 4|
7:00 – 7:59 | 0| 2|
8:00 – 8:59| 1| 2|
9:00 – 9:59| 2| 0|

For girls and boys -
6:00 – 6:59
Girls – 5:00 to 5:59
Boys – 6:00 to 6:59...
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