Affects of Foster Care

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Life For Me Ain’t Been No Crystal Stair
Crystal Taylor, at the age of fourteen, gave birth to her son Daquan Drummond, on October 7, 1984. Crystal went into labor unexpectedly and prematurely. Little Daquan was born two months premature and weighed three pounds six ounces, born with a heart murmur and slight difficulty breathing. When Crystal was faced with the caseworker from social services, she realized that she would only be dismissed from the hospital with little Daquan, if the caseworker was certain that her mother Florence’s apartment was suitable for living with the infant. The caseworker also believed, that Crystal had been coerced into sex with father Daquan Jefferson because he was so much older than Crystal, she denied all allocations. The caseworker determined that crystal would be placed in Queensboro Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Children, until her mother would find a sufficient apartment for her children and grandchild. Crystal continued the eighth grade in the Bronx, where the residents of Queensboro. By December little Daquan weighed seven pounds and was overdue for his discharge. Crystal’s mother Florence still had not found a sufficient home for them to live. By mid December little Daquan was placed in voluntarily foster care. By voluntarily placing him in foster care it would be easier for Crystal to get him back when she was mentally stable with a healthy environment. Little Daquan was placed with the Hargrove’s, a couple which lived in Long Island. Crystal began weekend visits to continue a relationship with little Daquan. Crystal had all intentions of getting little Daquan back once she was ready, although through her adolescence she became very destructive. In 1992, Crystal found an apartment, and got little Daquan back. At this point he was 8 years old. (Sheenan, 1993) I chose to focus my question around little Daquan, who was placed with foster parents, eventually lived with his father and his family, then with the Hasgrove’s (foster parents), then returned to Crystal. I continued to wonder, how the foster care system affected little Daquan. The separation, confusion of who his guardians were and then being returned to his natural mother must have taken a toll on his education, behavior, and relationships.

Affects of Foster Care on Children
There was one question that continued to come to mind throughout the book. How does a child become affected by being placed in foster care? There are many theories to how children are affected, I continued to wonder what it would be like if the child still had contact with the maternal and paternal parents, that one day wanted the child back? What does this do to a child? I began researching my question by looking in the Sciencedirect, Social Work Abstracts, PsycArticles, PsychINFO, and Pubmed databases. I searched the affects of children in foster care, foster care outcomes and foster care interventions. In this paper, I will begin to discuss issues surrounding children whom are placed in foster care touching on their education and development. I will also touch on the transitional consequences that are faced, affects on the child’s behavior, along with the separation impact on the child, parents, and foster parents, and treatment interventions in foster care relationships from all individuals involved. How Foster Care Affects a Child’s Education Development

Most children placed in foster care will miss days from school because of the challenges that are faced by the adjustments of moving from place to place. This is a huge concern with children missing numerous days in school, which largely affects the long-term performance outcomes. School credits often may not transfer from school to school, leaving the child behind in grade levels. The child therefore, becomes behind educationally and emotionally because they are placed with other children with less development. (Bruskas, 2008) By placing the child in a...
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