Affects of Electronic Communication on Me, My Family and the Society.

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  • Published : March 22, 2012
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In this task I will be looking how electronic information has an impact on me, my family and eventually society as well; I will also be investigating whether the use of electronic information will have a positive or negative impact on society. Use of Electronic Information (Myself) Electronic information affects me in a variety of ways; I will start of the simple ones and gradually go up to the more complex effects which electronic information has on me.

The first use of me having electronic information is that I'm able access my bank account online which is really beneficial since it saves valuable time which can be used elsewhere. I can also find out if there have been any changes in school such as teacher training days etc. Using electronic information I can access online free encyclopedias such as Wikipedia which when searching for would be relevant to my studies and research; this has a drawback as I may get penalized for plagiarism and this particular sites information is put up by the general public, furthermore the information been received can be false or out of date meaning my work will be wrong or irrelevant due to time. I can use RSS feeders on sites like; RSS feeders tell me when there is an update on the site; this could be useful as I can put RSS Feed on Sidney Stringer website which would then tell any updates.

Electronic information also has an impact on how I communicate with my friends, for example I can use MSN for online chatting along with a web-cam to see the person I’m talking to live; this is cheaper than sending video messages on my phone and all I have to pay for is the internet service and electricity because they are a fixed cost. I can see the football scores for my favorite teams online in seconds; this useful as I do not have to watch the match or buy a newspaper the following morning. I can use electronic information to search for universities which have the courses I want to study. I can also find out...
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