Affects of Dieting

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What are the Effects of Dieting on Teenagers?
Menna Amr Badr
Grade 11A
Ms. Gina Udrea
Sharjah American International School

What are the Effects of Dieting on Teenagers?

Millions of people go on a diet every year. A t any given time, 1 in 3 women and 1in 5 men are on some sort of diet, guided eating programs, or taking great care of what they are eating. Lets start with the actual definition of dieting. Dieting is the practice or exercise of eating and drinking in a regulated fashion to decrease, get rid of, maintain, or increase body weight. Physical exercise is a common thing used in diets in order to lose weight for those who are overweight or not happy with how heavy they are. Athletes and body builders have specific kinds of diets that are needed to gain, muscle weight, which help them in their training and exercises. Promotion of weight loss is the most common of diets and is divided into four categories, which are low fat, low-carbohydrate, low-calorie, and very low calorie. Weight loss by dieting are often considered unhealthy, could increase the mortality rate for people who are actually healthy. The first famous type of type was called “banting” and was named after William Banting. He specified about details of a particular low-carbohydrate, low-calorie diet that he actually achieved in doing with his own dramatic weight loss. Now with the question in everyone’s mind, why do people diet? People diet for an amazed number of reasons. People that are in a heavy and unhealthy state should pay attention to their reckless eating habits that could take a risk on their lives if they don’t. some think sports and multiple exercise will keep them in top-shape. Others think of their appearance and would prefer losing a couple of pounds from here and there.

Now, society kicks in. everybody watched movies and tv shows or like a certain actor, actress, singer or famous person. People have the need to look as perfect, thin, or in the best body possible because of what pressure they get through. This can sincerely damage a person’s sense and give them that unrealistic desire to be like them. Girls around their adolescence start having body changes, which are natural and especially necessary for their health. Their hips grow wider, breast start developing, and they may not look as perfect as what they watch on TV or wat they read in magazines. Boys or guys develop and start growing at different rates too. The men with the attractive abs in clothing ads are usually in adulthood. You may think of teenage girls as copycats for following the terribly elastic measures of the super skinny Nicole Richie and Mary-Kate Olsen. A new university in Minnesota study found out that almost 20% of 19 year-olds use diet pills to get rid of some pounds. Ironically, people who use diet pills ate three times more likely to be overweight referring to other unhealthy weight loss habits such as vomiting and skipping meals. A few diet drugs that many kids or teenagers can purchase over the counter or online are: 1) Appetite suppressants- which are like diet teas, herbal supplement o f maybe unhealthy weight loss treatment, and weight loss patches that could risk a persons health 2) Fat and carb blockers- could contain ehitoszn, a shellfish export that can reveal a whole cost of nasty side effects including diaherea, oily discharge and dangerous allergic reactions. The dosage a teen or person has to take may put them at risk for kidney or liver damage. 3) Metabolism boosters- it boosts body temperature, burns fat, and cooks through calories. Green tea and caffeine and a long list of other pills or supplements help. Those hardly work, though some studies say that you are able to loose a pound in 2 months or so. But all of this is not worth taking the chance of high blood pressure, having a heart attack, or dropping dead before age of 20, so its not worth it....
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