Affecting Change Essay 3

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Affecting Change Essay 3

By | September 2010
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Affecting Change
Effective leadership is necessary to influence the organizations’ workforce to support and implement decisions that facilitates the accomplishment of its goals in a proficient fashion. According to Yukl (2006) statement, “To be effective as a leader, it is necessary to influence people to carry out requests, support proposals, and implement decisions” (p. 145). Managers in different organizations deal with challenges that require influencing employees through effective decision-making process to adapt them to the different organizational structure and culture changes. Through the “Leadership in Action” simulation from the University of Phoenix Material (2002), this paper will describe establishing methods of control to influence the organizational culture; and provide a restructuring approach to improve the organizational workforce’s culture and promote empowerment. Moreover, it will describe effective management practices and why they are effective; and explain how the structure and size affects the organization’s workplace, its workforce, and its future. In the University of Phoenix Material simulation (2002), S&F Online is an e-tailing division that was started by the Smith and Falmouth (S&F), which are a tele-shopping and an email order network industry operating in the United States and Canada. Irene Seagraves, S&F Online Chief Executive Officer (CEO), hired a Chief Operations Officer (COO) to implement the company’s operations over the next three years. Immediately the new COO was faced with a challenging situation, in which he was responsible of a team that has clearly exhibited strong resistance to his new role as the COO for S&F Online. The organizational culture is defined by Robbins & Judge (2007) as stated, “A system of shared meaning held by members that distinguishes the organization from other organizations” (p. 573). The COO needs to identify the different relationships among the teams’ members, to aid him in indentifying the...

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