Aesthetics Essay

Topics: Aesthetics, Art, Fine art Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: November 18, 2011
What types of objects do you think count as art? What sorts of things do not? For example, can quilting be art? Explain why you include and exclude the things that you do. What makes them art or not art? I think many things can be considered a form of art. Though there may be a variety of opinions concerning what is and what isn’t art. I believe if an object can be somehow be aesthetically pleasing then it must be art or hold some sort of artistic value. Art is something that is measured by the quality of time and thought that goes into making something appealing, no matter what that something is. It can be a painting by Leonardo DaVinci or line of sticks laid out very strategically. A piece of well thought out or planned furniture or an article of clothing. A key factor that make something art is how an audience reacts to it or their emotion as well as the aesthetic appeal or that object. If something is made a certain way or to perform a certain way then it must have been done that way to improve aesthetics. There are many objects I believe to be considered art. Furniture for example can definitely be categorized as art because we find furniture to be aesthetically pleasing to one’s eye. When I go shopping for furniture I look at certain pieces that attract my eye and taste. I look for color and the way it may be built. Many people may choose to argue this statement because furniture is something that people use. It is a “commercially built” product and most importantly, there are more than one. These same people will also tell you that art is to be looked at and not used. Also, art should be so special and important that it can not be replicated. Art should be one and not have the ability to be replicated. This brings me to my point. Many critics may argue that if there is more than one of something then it cannot be considered art. Some say if a thing can be mass produced then it cannot be called art or be considered an art form. I argue that even though...
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