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Today, in the 21st century media controls people's perspective on what they think is beautiful. Many people live each day feeling insecure about anything that doesn't appear on the celebrities on the front cover of magazines. Walking the streets with low self-esteem is an everyday problem that many people suffer from. What can they do to rebuild their confidence, and live their life to the fullest without hiding behind their flaws? They can visit an aesthetician. An aesthetician performs treatments and procedures to help minimize skin flaws, helps people to obtain a higher self-esteem, and is truly passionate about skincare and helping people achieve better physical health, as well as emotional health.

An aesthetician works with skin, and they specialize in skincare. They set up appointments and consultations to talk to their clients about their skincare needs in a hospital or medical practice facility (Santiago). They will examine the patient’s skin, and perform a number of facial treatments, procedures, and recommend several products; they do not prescribe medications or topicals as a dermatologist would. They provide skincare, pre and post to any operation or surgery given. They manage the harmful effects of any skin disease or outbreak from rashes to breakouts. They help with a patient’s appearance by minimizing any skin flaws such as acne, surgical scars, wrinkles, or sun damage. Aestheticians can be trained in giving chemical peels, facial scrubs, laser treatments, Botox injections, cosmetic fillers, and many more types of cosmetic facial work. They are often confused with a cosmetologist due to the fact that an aesthetician will occasionally work in a spa-like environment (Santiago). Aestheticians differ from cosmetologists in many ways, although, they are both concerned about the looks and appearance of the face and body. Aestheticians work with the healthcare side of the spectrum rather than the strictly appearance end.

To be an aesthetician, certain qualities are required to keep the client happy, safe, and satisfied. In order to do this job, the quality of being able to show compassion and empathy is needed (Dunn). Most of the time, patients come into an aesthetician’s office with lower than average self-esteem. An aesthetician needs to be understanding, and considerate of this. Another quality necessary for this occupation, as well as many others in the medical field, is the ability to communicate and be personable (Dunn). Being a people-person and having communication with the clients is arguably the most important of them all. If an aesthetician is not able to communicate with his or her patient, their problem will not be solved, and their skin could become worse than it was before (Dunn). The client will leave their office unhappy and it could drastically damage their physical health as well as their mental health. When dealing with their patient’s skin, as well as chemicals, having a steady arm is must-have skill to keep their patient, and their self safe. (Dunn) A medical aesthetician’s main goal should be keeping their clients safe and satisfied at all times.

A number of high school courses are highly recommended to get students wanting to become an aesthetician on the right track. To be an aesthetician, recommended high school courses would be chemistry, health, and business management (Powell). Chemistry is needed due to the fact that their daily routine will consist of working with chemicals. A background in chemistry allows the professional to know how a patient’s skin will react with that chemical. Health would be a recommended course to take to understand more about the human body. Also as an aesthetician, business management would be a highly suggested class. Many aestheticians are hired by a small business, or they start one and knowing the business essentials would be beneficial.

After completing high school a number of training courses are recommended to be the best aesthetician they can...
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