Aerospace Engineering Research

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Career Research Assignment
Aerospace Engineer and Physicist

Aerospace Engineering
Aerospace engineering deals with performing a variety of engineering work in designing, constructing, and testing aircraft, missiles, and spacecraft. Conducting basic and applied research to evaluate materials in terms of aircraft design and manufacture also factors into the job. Lastly, testing equipment and machinery for improvement may be associated with this career choice. Aerospace engineering requires a significant amount of education, and is recommended to very bright and innovative individuals. The minimum degree required for this job is a bachelor’s degree. Specifically, a bachelor of applied science, or bachelor of engineering is needed. Courses that are needed, and are advised to be taken in high-school for this career are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Calculus. Also, courses related to applied technology or computer sciences, along with designing are recommended. The University of British Columbia is a respected post-secondary school that provides the degrees necessary to pursue this career choice realistically. Although the path leading to this profession is difficult, there are high rewards: The average income of a company-employed engineer is $73,000, although there are significant variations depending on degrees, and employers. For example, Engineers with a Ph.D. average $68,000 in contrast to a $48,000 income provided for those with only a bachelor’s. Furthermore, the highest 10% were reported to earn more than $105,000 annually, and are normally under federal employment. The workplace also differs, as there are many different projects that an Aerospace engineer could partake in, causing they’re environment to vary drastically. Case in point, those involved in research and design spend a majority of their time working in a classical office setting, working with computers and drawing boards, while engineers involved with the testing of...
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