Aeropostale Inc. Company Analysis: Overview, History and Current Structure

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Aeropostale Inc. Company Analysis: Overview, History and Current Structure

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Aeropostale Inc. Company Analysis: Overview, History and Current Structure

Aeropostale Incorporated is a “mall-based” retail store chain that caters to 14 to 17 year old young women and men who are interested in “casual apparel and accessories (Aeropostale Inc. Corporate, n.d.). According to Aeropostale website, a Privacy Policy with Canada, states that Aeropostale Inc. has a subsidiary called “P.S. from Aeropostale” that caters to the 7-12 year olds (Aeropostale Inc., 2012, April). Mergent Online disclosed that Aeropostale Inc. “sells a range of apparel, including graphic t-shirts, tops, bottoms, sweaters, jeans, outerwear and accessories” (Mergent, 2012). Mergent’s Online Business Summary of Aeropostale Inc., reports that, “as of Jan 29 2011, [Aeropostale Inc.] Co. operated 965 Aeropostale stores, consisting of 906 stores in 49 states and Puerto Rico, 59 stores in Canada, as well as 47 P.S. from Aeropostale stores in 13 states (Mergent, 2012).

Aeropostale was started for Macy’s department store under a private label in 1982 (Shop Aeropostale, n.d.). The name Aeropostale, according to Aeropostale corporate website, dates back to the 1920’s: “Compagnie Generale Aéropostale, a pioneer airmail company, was the first ever to fly between France, South Africa, and South America”, this is who the beginning Aeropostale stores were honoring in the “store designs” and “aviation styled leather bomber jackets” (Aeropostale Inc. Corporate, n.d.).

In 1987, the “first [Aeropostale] store opens” (Shop Aeropostale, n.d.). With the help of Federated Department Stores Inc., Macy’s was able to open “over 100 Aeropostale stores” (NASDAQ, 2002, p.1). In 1996 Aeropostale expanded from a brand for primarily young men to a brand that offers casual apparel and accessories for both young women...
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