Aerophones: Musical Instrument and Small Circular Pieces

Topics: Musical instrument, Percussion instrument, String instrument Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: February 1, 2013
The pi is believed to be truly a Thai instrument used since the ancient times. The sound it produces and the blowing technique is unique to the country of Thailand. The basic material for this instrument is hardwood or marble. Its reed comes from small circular pieces of the palmyra leaves tied to a small tube made of silver, bronze, or brass. It is usually played with percussion instruments. Khaen is the most important folk instrument in north Thailand and in Laos. It is made up of fourteen long thin bamboo tubes that are four feet long. The range of the khaen covers two octaves of seven pitches. It is described to produce a drone that is often described as mournful and plaintive. Membranophones

The taphon instrument is somewhat similar to the siphon of India. Instead of having it suspended from a strap on the shoulder, that taphon is a drum placed on a stand. It is played with both hands using the palms and the fingers. This instrument is included in the Piphat ensemble.

The ramana is a shallow drum that looks like a tambourine without the metallic discs. The diameter of its head is larger than the diameter of its body. Its frame is shallower and narrower than most soup plates.

The thon ramana is a bowl-shaped ceramic drum that is used in the Mahori ensemble. Its head is made from various skins of goats, calves, and snakes. It is played with one hand covering and opening the open end of the body in order to control the tone and the other hand tapping the beat. Chordophones

The jakhae or jakhe is shaped like a crocodile. Its body is big and hollow in order to resonate the sound of the instrument better. It is placed horizontally on the floor as the player sits on the ground. This instrument has a long neck, a sound box, and three strings attached to pegs. This is Thailand’s most important stringed instrument with the most beautiful sound.

The saw sam sai resembles much the Japanese shamisen, but is triangular in shape with a spiked leg. Its...
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