Aerobic Exercise: a Powerful Fitnes Workout

Topics: Hypertension, Obesity, Myocardial infarction Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: February 11, 2013
The benefits of aerobic exercise are powerful, and aerobic exercise should be a part of your fitness workout. Aerobic means “with oxygen”, so when you exercise aerobically your body uses oxygen to help produce energy during the exercise. It primarily uses your larger muscles, such as your quadriceps and hamstrings, and challenges your heart and lungs. There are plenty of ways that you can exercise aerobically. You can walk, run, use a treadmill, or participate in an aerobic exercise class. Aerobic exercise helps prevent cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, arthritis and stroke. Weight bearing aerobic exercise, such as walking and running, helps prevent osteoporosis. Even if you already suffer from one of these aliments, aerobic exercise can help alleviate the aliment. Aerobic exercise also strengthens your immune system. Aerobics exercise strengthens the hardest working muscles in your body (your heart). A stronger heart pumps blood more efficiently, which improves blood flow to all parts of your body. Improved blood flow results in more oxygen and essential nutrients being delivered to the cells of your body. It also results in more effective removal of toxins and other waste materials from your body. Aerobic exercise improves the efficiency which your respiratory system can supply oxygen to your body. Your body needs a constant and generous amount of oxygen in order to function properly. Aerobic exercise not only burns calories, it’s the only type of exercise that directly burns body fat. In order for body fat to be burned oxygen must be used to help produce energy during the exercise, and this only occurs with aerobic exercise. As you can see, the benefits of aerobic exercise are impressive way to keep in good shape and helps out with your health. So make sure that some type of aerobic exercise is a part of your fitness workout plan, weather it’s walking, running, stationary bike, stair stepper, elliptical machine or...
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