Aeneas as a Leader

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Aeneas as A Leader

Aeneas, the destined founder of Rome, is portrayed as a heroic character in Virgil’s Aeneid. Being born as a half-god, Aeneas enjoys a special protection by the Gods and possesses numerous good qualities. He is fated to escape from the downfall of Troy and set foot in Italy to build the foundation for the later development of Rome in becoming an empire. It is not easy for a person to witness the destruction of his homeland and run away from it in search of a new establishment. Aeneas, in this context, leaves Troy when it is under the Greek attack and sets sail with his troop in order to fulfill his destiny of rebuilding the glory of Troy in Italy. With all the good leadership qualities that Aeneas possesses, he is able to lead his troop to overcome all the hardships that he encounters, and successfully arrives at Italy. In Virgil’s Aeneid, Aeneas’ fate in founding Rome drives all the actions and plots in the story. In this context, the Gods have direct and absolute control at the human world. From the fall of Troy, to the decision of Aeneas leaving Carthage to Italy, everything that happens can be directly associated with the Gods. With such a strong influence of divine power on the human world, the belief and respect of God is crucial in achieving success in any mission. Aeneas possesses this quality, which makes him a suitable candidate of a good leader in leading a troop to set sail to Italy. For instance, Aeneas respects the prophecy of him being the founder of Italy, and this becomes the foundation of all the decisions that he makes in later stages of his life. With the duty of going to Italy in mind, Aeneas has a very clear goal to achieve, and causes him to be persistent to overcome all the obstacles that he faces. He is determined to fulfill his destiny of founding Italy in spite of all the hardships that are lying ahead of him. Apart from that, the virtue of respecting the Gods has given Aeneas a very rational way of making...
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