Aeneas as a Hero

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Amy Murphy
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July 25, 2011

Aeneas as a Hero

The character of Aeneas emerges as a hero during his escape from Troy in Book II of the Aeneid. He does need help at times, realizing his destiny; and so he is visited by the ghosts of Hector and Creusa, and also, by the goddess, Venus, his mother. These supernatural events have given Aeneas what is needed to lead the people of Troy; and to set out in search for the new city they would call Rome.

The description of Hector as he appeared to Aeneas in a dream was as sad and horrific as what was happening to their beloved Troy. With a sigh, Hector urged Aeneas to give up and leave the burning, and the fallen Troy. Their city could not be defended. Hector also instructed Aeneas to take the holy things of Troy saying, “Go find for them the great walls that one day you'll dedicate, when you have roamed the sea” (395).

Aeneas displayed the love for his country when he almost enacted vengeance for fallen Troy on Helen, whom it was believed to be the cause of the war. Aeneas' mother, the goddess Venus, cleared for him his vision that had been blurred. She made him aware of what was really important in those crucial moments. Did Aeneas even know where his family was? Did he not see that the fall of Troy was the harsh will of the gods? She then commands him to go, by saying “Away child; put an end to toiling so. I shall be near, to see you safely home” (810).

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Lastly, Aeneas shows his concern and love for Creusa, his wife, when he cannot find her during the escape from Troy. He goes back to look for her, or find out what has happened to her, when she appears to him as a ghost. It is so horrifying to him, he is “chilled to the marrow” (1000), but she spoke to him to ease his fear. She also, consoles him by telling him that nothing was to be gained from his grieving. Creusa declares that her death has been the will of the gods, and he must carry on....
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