Aed200 Final Project : Are Uniformas a Good Way to Improve Student Discipline and Motivation

Topics: Education, Dress code, Clothing Pages: 5 (1897 words) Published: March 19, 2011
Many can argue that uniforms are the best way to improve student discipline and motivation. This argument has gone on for years; however no one can agree 100% if they believe or do not believe the statement is true. Let us begin with the Pros of this argument since there are many. It has been seen in some instances that uniforms can reduce student’s distractions, since both parents and teachers agree that clothing can be a big distraction with the student body. When the students wear uniforms they reduce rivalry among the students and can help keep a structured environment in the classroom and it also reduces the crime rate in the school. School uniforms can keep a level of social equality inside the school on a level and in so doing students can focus on more important matters. Uniforms can also form team spirit among the student body and help them feel a sense of togetherness; this can be accomplished with similar attire in many schools. Many teachers and administrators believe that school uniforms does help when it comes to student discipline and think that it out ways the students rights to free speech. Students have their off time to wear clothing that many times is seen as offensive and or gang related in certain location. This can be a problem in cities schools where gangs have an upper hand on what their members need to wear to show power on their turf. Uniforms do stop gangs from not only showing their power but it also helps the students to focus on school not worry on violence in their neighborhood. This can help the students to take a time out from reality and concentrate on their education and the future, and the violence is put on hold until after school. It can make our school safer since when children wear uniforms they cannot hide weapons on their person. Uniforms are made to fit a student to a fault so that if they are caring a weapon it will be spotted and can in turn save a life. We hear in our schools today of students caring guns, knives or drugs to school uniforms can stop that, and in turn save our children lives. It can reduce the drugs and alcohol abuse our children can buy on school property and in doing so keep our children away from unneeded influences on a daily basis and is so doing stopping unhealthy habits before they can start. School uniform are great for those low income families, they can save money on buying expensive clothes for their children and purchase reasonable uniforms instead. The uniforms can be handed down from one child to another as they grow, since they are made with stronger lasting material. This allows children of low income families to fit in with other children at their school. It reduces bulling by other students who find some children’s clothing no up to standards with their own. We know that school should keep our children safe however bulling can cause children a big distraction and if we cannot control it can also cause a child to choose suicide to remove the problem. The one thing that I believe is a great asset to wearing uniforms is that it shows the inner pride students have. The way they upkeep the appearance of their selves shows the teachers and other students how they feel within. This can also help teachers, parents and administrators to see if the student has an underline problem that they need to address. If they start to not take care of their appearance it can be detected quicker than if they did not wear uniforms, and the problem can be addressed and corrected faster to bring the student faster solutions to any problems. Students can hide their feeling from teachers and parents alike, but the way they wear their uniforms can show a lot about the child and in so doing we as professionals can work on finding out what is hurting the child and fix it before it gets out of hand. This can come in handy and possibly stop repercussions such as the Calabine Massacre. I have given the Pro of uniform now it is time for the Cons and there are many and most...
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