Aed 222 Channeling Students Into Special Services

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  • Published : June 8, 2012
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Channeling Students into Special Services
Tonya Hawkins
AED 222
June 3, 2012

Channeling Students into Special Services
Today’s diverse world can present many reasons and circumstance as to the need for a student to be placed in a schools special education program. Therefore, teachers must be observant and connected with their students and the variety of needs that come with diversity. It is important for the teacher to advocate for the student that has special needs in the area of academics, socialization, and behaviors. Which is why the first step to enrolling a student into the special education program, begins with the teacher. The teacher will begin this process by writing a letter to the schools counselor or special education coordinator. It is important that the letter contains information about the student’s areas of strength and concerns of their weaknesses. The teacher should clearly express any reasons as why the student would benefit from enrollment in the special education program. The counselor or coordinator will then spend the letter of request to other school administrators, such as; the principal and school boards for review and consideration. An administrator closely examine the areas of the student’s difficulties or weakness and weighs the benefits of placing the student into the special education program or weather taking another course action would be more appropriate. The parent of the student is also presented the letter and allowed the opportunity examine it and take into consideration the enrollment into the special education program of their child. Should the administration find reasonable cause to consider enrollment into the special education program, a specialist will do an evaluation of the student through a series of screening test. Also during the same time frame, the school records of the student will be examined in the areas of academics, social interactions with peers, and any behavior issues that have been documented....
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