Aed 204 Appendix F

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  • Published : May 14, 2011
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Appendix F
Impact Matrix Assignment
Directions: Assume that you are on the school board of your school district and you are tasked with the job of strategic planning for issues facing your district. Complete the matrix below to determine the potential response of each of the religious groups in your community. Use the attached links to research the basic moral and ethical principles believed by each group. Then determine how you believe each group will react to the issue based on what you find. Provide a brief justification for your answer. After completing the matrix, write a 300- to 500-word summary of the significant similarities and differences among the different religious groups.


|Prayer in School |Creationism v.
Evolution |Studying Women’s Rights in the Middle East |Saying the Pledge of Allegiance |Starting a Gay and Lesbian Support Group |Inter-Racial Dating | |COMMUNITY RELIGIOUS GROUPS |Pro/Con |Justify your answer |Pro/Con |Justify your answer |Pro/Con |Justify your answer |Pro/Con |Justify your answer |Pro/Con |Justify your answer |Pro/Con |Justify your answer | |Atheist |Con |They do not believe in God |Con |Their non-belief in religion stops creationism |Pro |Believes in equal rights for all people |Con |They do not believe in god and many other religious activities |Pro |They welcome the idea |Pro |They welcome the idea | |Buddhist |Con |Do not believe in a personal God |Pro |Evolution they do not believe in a specific God |Pro |Believes in equal rights for all people |Con |Do not believe in a personal God |Con |Do not believe in same sex relationships. It is against God |Pro |They are not against inter-racial dating | |Baptist |Pro |Believe in prayer |Pro |Creationism because of...
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