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Appendix B

Students’ Rights and Teachers’ Responsibility Scenario

The Student’s Rights and Teacher’s Responsibilities assignment contains multiple options: Option 1, Option 2, and Option 3. Select one of the three options and complete the assignment according to the directions provided. Submit the completed assignment as directed.

Option 1: Paper

Do you enjoy organizing thoughts and explaining concepts? This assignment provides the opportunity to write an essay about an issue regarding students’ rights and teachers’ responsibilities.

• Choose one of the following issues regarding students’ rights and teachers’ responsibilities:

o Random locker searches without student permission
o Student safety on field trips
o Student news articles and freedom of speech

• Address the following: Explain the responsibilities you have as a teacher in the issue you chose. What are the students' rights? Do you have a responsibility to limit their rights?

• Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper answering the above questions. Identify the rights and responsibilities you will have as a teacher. How will your responsibilities as a teacher influence the rights of your students? Is it fair to infringe on students' rights for the sake of the learning environment? Why? Describe a personal experience where a teacher's responsibilities limited the students' rights. How were you involved? Describe a situation in which the students’ rights might override a teacher's responsibility to maintain a safe learning environment.

• Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

• Post your assignment as an attachment.

Option 2: Letter

Do you have the ability to influence others to try new things? If so, this assignment is perfect for you. It is a new school year and you start the year proactively by discussing students’ rights and teachers’ responsibilities with your students and their parents. For this assignment, write a...
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