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Topics: ASEAN, Economic integration, Vietnam Pages: 5 (1740 words) Published: February 15, 2013
Courtney Leanne Techasith
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EC4 Section 1
February 2nd,2013
Aj. Charles Windish
Informative speech
Topic: Skilled Labor Mobility in ASEAN Economic Community

General Purpose: To inform the audience about the free flow of skilled labor in the AEC Specific Purpose: To increase the awareness of what the free flow of skilled labor is all about, and how it will affect us as.


Borderless, expose to more job opportunities, an exciting world ahead of us as we are moving towards to the ASEAN Economic Community as a single market. The ASEAN works around three pillars: security, economic integration and socio-cultural integration.

As the 10 member states have committed to accelerate the establishment of the ASEAN community come this 2015, which is in less than three years! Before I conducted my research, my ASEAN literacy was merely 20%, which I admit is poor. But what is even more appalling was the facts I thought I knew were not true. Therefore, I’d like to call for an intervention! It is time that we get aware of the current affairs in our community and reflect upon how it might effect us. Why? Because we are the next generation of Thailand! So what is to be expected come 2015? One of the aspects ASEAN hopes to form is a single market and production base. To realize this ASEAN focuses on 5 core elements : * Free Trade In Goods

* Free Trade In Services
* Free Flow Of Skilled Labor
* Free Flow Of Investment
* Freer Flow Of Capital

Today I would like to report and share my research; so one can understand the changes within the labor market, particularly the skilled labor mobility or the free low of skilled labor. I thought it would be a relevant topic for all of you to enjoy because soon we will graduate and enter the labor market ourselves; whether you are looking for a job, or looking to hire.

The topics I will be covering are…1) what is skilled labor? 2) The current status of realizing the mobility and finally 3) ending with the impacts

Transition: Without further or do, lets start of with what is skilled labor mobility….


1. Definition
2.1 What does free flow of skilled labor means?
Just because we are educated people doesn’t necessarily mean that we fall under skilled labor. Unless you plan on becoming any of these professionals…. The AEC classified these professions are in the priority sectors. 2.2 What is Skilled labor mobility?

2.3.1 Refers to the temporary employment abroad
2.3.2 What the AEC aims at is for ASEAN members to cooperate and facilitate the movement of natural persons for the skilled professionals that are engaged in the cross border trade and investment related activities. (ASEAN Secretariat, 2012) 2.3.3 However it does not cover the free flow of all types of labor; country specific regulations still apply to protect domestic jobs. E.g. language proficiencies is one of the example of the country specific regulations that still acts as a barrier for the inflow of labor (Yue, 2011) 2.3.4 AEC believes that granting mobility for these priority sectors can act as a catalyst for the overall achievement of ASEAN economic integration * Higher efficiency & productivity

* ASEAN being able to compete for capital
* Retain the value added economic activities & employment * Standardization more integrated

Transition: This briefly gives you a clear understanding on the AEC lets see how it could be done
2. The roadmap for 2015
3.3 Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA) -is a mechanism to recognize the equivalent certifications and qualifications of different countries in order to be able to set a common understanding of the different schooling that exists in the region (CBMAT- Competency Standard for Tourism in ASEAN States, 2010) -As to date ASEAN has finished developing MRAs for all...
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