Advocate Roles Involving Child Abuse

Topics: Child abuse, Physical abuse, Psychological abuse Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: March 11, 2013
Advocate Roles Involving Child Abuse
Carol Holt
University of Phoenix
BSHS 442
March 11, 2013
Steven Zitar MBA, MAEd.

Advocate Roles Involving Child Abuse
Advocacy affects judgments in the welfare or awareness of individuals or groups. “Advocate derives from the Latin avocare, meaning “to summon one’s help” (Barsky, 2007, pg. 216). This paper will show the issues issue of advocacy in the human service field as it relates to child abuse. The purpose of advocacy is to assist clients who have been “denied services, perceived to be unattractive, not to match up with overly rigid service categories, or behave in ways deemed inappropriate” (Rothman & Sager, 1998, pg. 177). The characteristics of advocacy are * "the change effort, this focus on a specific decision to be influenced, * The involvement of three social actors who are the (advocate, the client, and a decision maker), * An imbalance of power: and potential for a positive outcome in affecting the decision” (Rothman & Sager, 1998, pg. 177). The population chosen for this paper is Child Abuse Advocacy. Working as an advocate of child abuse cases is an important role in the process of regaining normalcy of the child’s life. Roles of Child Abuse Advocates

The research of Dallas Children Advocacy Center (DCAC) “shows a service of more than 2,400 children who were sexually abused, severely physically abused, or witnessed a violent crime in 2012” (Dallas Children's Advocacy Center, 2013). Some of the roles of advocacy in child abuse cases involve the training, prevention, and treatment services to fight child abuse. In addition to the previous mentioned roles an advocate of child abuse cases listens to the child’s stories, asking non-leading questions, these roles assist the abused child in processing his or her experience to gain healing. Personal Perspectives on Determine Problems in Child Abuse Advocacy In considering my personal perspectives of problems that may arise when...
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