Advocacy in Nursing

Topics: John Stuart Mill, Ethics, Amputation Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: December 15, 2011
The exemplar that shall be discussed and analysed would be the empowerment exemplar. In order to analyse the ethical decisions made, it is important to assess the patient holistically. It is important to assess the impact that the symptoms may have on the patient’s quality of life. For instance, would amputating her leg immobilise her? Physically, if the patient is to remain not amputated would that increase the risk of infection or would the ulcers worsen? The risk factors should also be assessed, for instance, would amputating impact her social well being by immobilising her. If this were to be the case it would have a direct impact on her emotional and economical wellbeing, because with her unable to mobilize she may have to spend money to pay for a support worker to do various errands for her i.e. shopping, additionally she may not be able to get employment. If that was to be the case it may cause social isolation which could lead to depression, stress and other mental illnesses. However, if she were to not amputate then it may still have direct impacts on her social, emotional and economical needs. At the moment, her daughter is against the option of amputation but a thing to consider is the pain that this leg ulcer may be causing. If the pain she’s experiencing is chronic then mobilizing would be difficult anyway. Furthermore, research shows that leg ulcers usually give out an offensive odour (Ebbeskog, 2001), this could have a negative impact on her emotional well being.

The ethical theory to consider here is utilitarianism. Utilitariansim is an ethical theory developed by Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart Mills that is founded on moral judgements or policies that focuses on bringing forth the greatest satistfaction or happiness for the greatest number of people. It can be described as quantitative and reductionst approach to ethics and contrasts with the deontology theory which do not regard the consequences of an act as a way to determine its moral...
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