Advocacy: Client's Advocate

Topics: Transgender, Military discharge, Sexual orientation Pages: 4 (1227 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Client's Advocate

Client's Advocate
The client Miguel Poor was referred to my office from Veteran Affairs. The Veteran Affairs Representative provided background information pertaining to the client. The client is unable to utilize any Benefits from the Veterans Affairs Office due to his discharge status; hence the referral to an out-of-network therapist. The client was dishonorably discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps in 2002 for disclosing his sexual orientation. The client reported to his commanding officers that he identified as gay and further identified as pre-op transgender. The client is a 29 year old, Mexican-American, male. The client was raised predominantly middle class. The client identifies himself as not belonging to any religious organization, but was raised Catholic. The client, while conflicted with religious ideologies he was raised with, family values he was instilled with, and gender specific qualities that he developed throughout his adolescence, identifies himself as being female and has undergone hormone replacement therapy over the past two-years. The client initially presented himself in therapy as male, however did exhibit very androgynous qualities, coupled with effeminate qualities displayed during discourse. During the assessment consultation with the client, the client is initially observed to be of higher than average intelligence, personable, outgoing, and friendly. The client presented his current problems as (1) homelessness, (2) unemployed, (3) methamphetamine dependent, (4) and transgender. The client disclosed that he currently resides at the Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada Night Shelter and has been utilizing this service for the past 7-months. The client indicates that while the living situation is less than ideal, it is all that he is capable of maintaining at this time due to his substance dependence. The last employment that the client was able to maintain was working for a 7-11 as a grave yard...
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